Complete production lines

Complete decolletage workshop

Complete workshop available for the production of micro turned parts & precision components. Consits of 10 machines.

    Complete line for production of fire extinguishers (2-> 12 kg)

    * Soenen Deepdraw Press
    - Cap: 400 Ton
    - Stroke: 850 mm
    - Max opening: 1290 mm
    - Table: 2200 x 1100 mm
    Cap: 400 extinguishers/ 8 hours
    * LVD EMF 250 Hydraulic Deepdraw Press
    - Cap: 250 Ton
    - Stroke: 850 mm
    - Equipped with Decoiler, Straightener (cap: Width 550 mm)
    Install- and Feedsystem
    - Machine cuts the round plates for bottom/tops
    Cap: 1500 pieces / 8hours.
    * Cleaning installation Kermad
    * Eccentric Press for nibbling the kneepart
    * Marking unit
    * Welding machine SOEYER
    * Ringweldinginstallation SAF
    * Assembly press with contour welding SAF (under powder)
    * Kneewelding machine

    Machinery reconditionning electromotors

    Production line for biodegradable pots

    Produced from granules, fibres and binders of plant origin such as grain, grass, wood,...
    Pots can be placed in the ground and after a few months the pot will have entirely disappeared.

    Line consists of:
    - 3 Amax 110 ton presses
    - 2 Laufer 500 ton presses

    1 > automatic dosage and prepressing of the material
    2 > heating of material and high pressure from pressing
    3 > cooling of part and automatic unloading

    Productionline for lighting fixtures

    A complete productionline for the manufacturing of lighting fixtures.

    This equipment consists of 4 punch/press lines together with all of the tooling. 

    Upon request we can send you the catalog show the products that were made by this company. Due to competition from Eastern Europe the company was forced to close it's business.

    Productionline for manufacturing concrete slabs (Stelcon)

    Equipment for manufacturing 'Stelcon' prefab concrete slabs:

    - 250 moulds
    - Automatic pouring, vibration, stripping & stacking
    - NOT included is the concrete mixinginstallation

    RediRack - Production line for manufacturing pallet racks

    Complete production line for producing several types of pallet racks - beams (including all tools)

    1st line - Soenen rollforming line + decoiler + flying cutting shear
    max width: 400 mm
    max thickness: 5 mm
    12 stations heavy duty
    double head decoiler > cap: 5 ton

    2nd line - profilingline: decoiler + straightener + punching
    max width: 150 mm
    max thickness: 3 mm
    6 stations

    3rd line - Soenen rollforming line to produce U- & C-profiles, with Elmea double head decoiler & Raskin excenterpress with auto cutting tool
    max thickness: 3 mm

    Workshop for alu windows & doors

    Small workshop for the manufacturing of alu windows & doors, ideal for an upstart of a new company.

    Many toolings as standard but can be enlarged to maximize production.

    Get in though with us to get a quote for all 6 machines.