BLM , Dynam3-FNC

BLM, Dynam3-FNC

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Technical information

Max dia tube x thicknessØ 63 x 2.5 mm
Min bendingradiusVariable CNC
Max bendingradiusVariable CNC
Back stop max tubelength3800 mm
Interior die mandrel - hydr (1)-- hand(2)(1) Hydraulic
Driven axes(2) CNC 6 axes
Weight5070 kg
Bending die*

    Extra info

    CNC tube bender with left or right bending sense in automatic sequence. Designed for two stack bending or two tool stack combined with variable radiuses and conventional bending. Ideal for complex pieces without straight sections between the bends. 

    3D control: BLM FNC 2000RDF Graphic (Cybelec)

    capacities in steel 45: 
    > round tube: 63 x 2.5 mm 
    > square tube: 45 x 45 x 2.5 mm 
    > oval tube: 70 x 30 x 1 mm 

    Can be integrated with robotic production system VGP 3D - Highly innovative 3D Graphic Programming Software dramatically reducing dependence on operator intervention for: "Real time" bend simulation automatically selecting the shortest and most efficient bending cycle to minimise cycle time and reduce cost.

    Component simulation and feasibility check highlighting any possible collisions. Immediate creation and execution of the machine program with twin data input Applications.

    Plegadora CNC que plega en los dos sentidos; izquierda y derecha, en sequencia automática.
    Ideal para piezas complicadas.

    Capacidades en acero 45:
    tubo rodondo: 63 x 2.5mm
    tubo cuadrado: 45 x 45x 2.5mm
    tubo oval: 70 x 30 x 1mm

    Se puede integrar en sistema de fabricación robot VGP 3D.
    Simulación en tiempo real que elige automáticamente la manera más breve y más productiva para plegar  Asi se reduce el tiempo y el costo.