Kingsland , 60 Compact

Kingsland, 60 Compact

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Construction Year: new

Technical information

Punchingcapacity60 T
Dia x sheetthickness32x15 mm
Max course55 mm
Strokes/min(20mm k) 52
Depth of throat220 mm
Max hole dia.100 mm
Worklevel940 mm
Max cutting-thickness in plate200x20 / 300x15
Angle 45° in flange L-profile80x10 mm
Worklevel940 mm
90°-cut130x13 mm
45°-cut80x8 mm
Worklevel1140 mm
Cut to length round/square40/35 mm
Cut to length UFN/IPN profiles102x51 mm
Cut to length Profile T76x10 mm
Max material -thickness by notching10 mm
Max wide by notching42 mm
Depth V-profile / rectangle100 mm
Worklevel940 mm
Electric motor (power)4 kW
Length 1510 mm
Depth 590 mm
Height1570 mm
Weight1250 kg

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    ook als O19 0655