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Bomar, 320.250 DG

Technische Informationen

  • Ausladung... / 320 mm
  • Max werkstückhöhe250 mm
  • Geschwindigkeit des bandsaege40/80 m/min
  • Bandsaege-länge2910x0,9x27mm
  • Anschlussleistung1500 W
  • Länge L -- R1495 mm
  • Tieffe V -- H1137 mm
  • Höhe 1243 mm
  • Gewicht360 kg

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • L 60° & R 60° stroke 500 mm max square 300 x 250 mm Roller tables in option ---- A heavy saw frame of vibration-proof cast alloy with a powerful industrial engine and a spiral gearing running in an oil bath provide for long lifetime of the machine. Precise hard metal saw band guides, saw head pivot embedded in pre-stressed conical bearings, a 27mm saw band and a synchronic swarf brush are the prerequisites for excellent cutting performance. The front-handled, very simple and fast angle adjustment for cuts in the range of -45° to +60° and a quick-acting vice provide for a broad application range. The cutting feed happens due to the frame weight with hydraulic regulation of the feeding speed, with comfortable adjustment on the control panel directly on the machine front. A coolant equipment in the machine base, a big extractable swarf container with a dripping sieve (ecological disposal of dry swarf) and an adjustable 500mm length stop with a releasing reverse stroke equipment tha

  • Typ/Modell: 320.250 DG
  • Stocknummer: L.03 10702
  • Hauptkategorie: [L] Sagemaschinen, Feilmaschinen & Abstechmaschinen
  • Unterkategorie: [L.03] Bandsagemaschinen
  • Markenname: Bomar

Stocknummer: L.03 10702

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