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Esab Trumpf, Heavy Duty bevelcut laser 24 x 6 meter

Technische Informationen

  • Typ laserTLF 4000 Turbo
  • Leistung400 Watt
  • Type bediennung CNCEsab NCE 620 + Trumpf Tasc
  • Langsbewegung X-achse24 000 mm
  • Querbewegung Y-achse7000 mm
  • Höhebewegung Z-achse260 mm
  • Max dicke im stahl20 mm
  • Max dicke im RVS15 mm
  • Netzspannung3x 400V

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Type: Alpharex AXC 7000
    Trumpf TLF 4000 Turbo
    Cutting head can swivel and can make bevel cuts!!
    including Columbus software with all options
    Ezeclean cuttin tables with integrated dustextraction

    - Trackwidth: 7000 mm
    - Cuttingwidth: 5000 mm
    - Height travel of cutting head: max 260 mm
    - Video camera for monitoring cuttinghead
    Laser cutting head for vertical and bevel cutting on flat plates in horizontal position
    Up to 20° bevel angle laser quality cuts are possible, with larger bevel angles serrations and burrs must be expected
    Max vertical cutting steel: 20 mm
    Max vertical cutting stainless steel: 12 mm
    Max vertical cutting alu: 8 mm
    Max bevel cutting steel: 15 mm
    Max bevel cutting  stainless steel: 10 mm
    Max bevel cutting alu: 6 mm

    Columbus software:
    > Basic module comprises various functions which enable the convenient generation of machine programs from part information.
    > Including the modules integrated Cad-system, 65 standard shapes and DXF-convertor
    > Marking tool module
    > Bevel unit module
    > Data management module, for the organization and administration of the parts to be processed
    > Date information module, calculation of layouts
    > Plate management module
    > Automatic nesting module, fully auto nesting of any kind of contour

  • Typ/Modell: Heavy Duty bevelcut laser 24 x 6 meter
  • Stocknummer: O.12 11132
  • Hauptkategorie: [O] Abkantpressen, Walzmaschinen, Richtmaschinen, Lasermaschinen und Brennschneidmaschinen, Stanzmaschinen & Profilierungsanlagen
  • Unterkategorie: [O.12] Laser schneidmaschinen
  • Markenname: Esab Trumpf
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