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Hegenscheidt, MFD 165 portal wheelset lathe

Technische Informationen

  • Leistung auf Spindel60 kW on each chuck
  • Anzahl Geschwindigkeiten9 > 180 m/min cutting speed
  • Gewicht54 ton

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • center height: 630 mm
    track width: 1435 mm
    largest possible clampable shaft length: 2400 mm
    smallest possible clampable shaft length: 1650 mm
    largest possible span circle: dia 1100 mm
    smallest possible span circle: dia 550 mm
    center point angle: 90°
    max workpiece weight: 3500 kg

    The Hegenscheidt-MFD portal wheel lathe is a high production CNC wheel lathe that is easy to operate and maintain. Its portal design allows for wheel sets to roll through the lathe on shop rails. The mechanical elements and drive system are designed for cutting performance up to 32 mm² per tool post. This allows for a short floor-to-floor time for re-profiling, even for extreme wheel wear conditions.
    Mounted to each side of the portal type bed are the headstocks, with integrated drivers, centers and a main drive system fitted to each headstock. Both headstocks are movable for ease of the load and unload functions.

    Working Range
    Machining of new and worn wheelsets
    Wheel profile machining
    Machining of freight wheel set rims

    Equipment make-up
    High performance machine capable of
    medium and heavy depth of cuts
    Portal type bed allowing roll-through of wheel sets
    Equipment installation on shop floor level
    Fully automatic machine control system

    train wheel lathe - Portal radsatzdrehmaschine - portal wheelset lathe - Портальный колесотокарный станок модели

  • Typ/Modell: MFD 165 portal wheelset lathe
  • Stocknummer: A.01 10806
  • Hauptkategorie: [A] Drehmaschinen
  • Unterkategorie: [A.01] Leitmaschinen & zugspindeldrehmaschinen
  • Markenname: Hegenscheidt
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