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SMFI Inter Hydro CNC friction welding lathe

Informations complémentaires

  • Heavy duty friction welding machine, ideal for drilling equipment for petro industry (welding drilling heads to tubes) but also for drive shafts, engines, turbines,...

    step 1 - two pieces are welded together
    step 2 - the resulting seamweld is removed by turning action 

    Type SF 1105
    2 self-centering steady-rests
    2 toolholders

    Left side:
    hydraulic chuck - chuckdia: 400 mm
    max swing: 800 mm
    >> so for example for a drive shaft you can weld a flange of max dia 800 mm
    dia of spindle bore: 100 mm
    power on spindle: 129 kW
    spindlespeeds: 296 > 740 rpm

    Right side:
    Hydraulic movable carriage
    stroke: 700 mm
    max clamping dia of movable carriage: 220 mm
    clamping force: 2800 kN
    weldable section: 6667 mm2 à 15kg/mm2
    forging force: 1100 kN
    friction force: 500 kN

    Max distance between chuck and movable carriage: 845 mm

    machine a souder par friction - Reibschweißmaschine 

  • Type/Modèle: CNC friction welding lathe
  • Numéro de Stock: V.01 8632
  • Catégorie principal: [V] Vireurs, Manipulateurs, Robots, Potences & tenailles à souder
  • Subcatégorie: [V.01] Robots de chargement & dechargement
  • Marque: SMFI Inter Hydro
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