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Otto Junker electric induction furnace 1550° C

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  • Type: MFT Ge 6000 - medium-frequency electric coreless induction furnace for cast iron
    Renewed in 2019

    cap: 6 ton
    rated temperature: 1250 > 1550° C
    4210 kVa electric heating / 3600 kW / 12 500 A / 250 Hz

    Medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces have evolved into the dominant type of melting furnace in today‘s foundries, demonstrating their exceptional metallurgical capabilities thanks to the special technologies employed. High power densities of up to 1,000 kW per metric tonne of iron ensure high melting rates from a compact-sized installation. Even highperformance moulding lines can thus be supplied with high-grade metal on a continuous basis. 


    Fours à induction sans noyau à moyenne fréquence
    Системы среднечастотных индукционных тигельных печей

  • Tipo/Modello: electric induction furnace 1550° C
  • Numero di magazzino: Y.04 12608
  • Categoria: [Y] Macchine per trattamenti superficiali, impianto e apparecchiature di finitura, granigliatrici, sabbiatrici
  • Sottocategoria: [Y.04] Forni industriali
  • Il marchio: Otto Junker
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