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Gema/Noppel Auto Powdercoat line nr 1

Informazioni supplementari

  • Fully automatic powdercoat line

    max workpiece length: 7000 mm
    max workpiece width: 800 mm
    max workpiece height: 3200 mm

    The line consists of:

    1 - Gema-Volstatic powder coat booth with filterband equipped with 3 robots (= 20 automatic Gema PG 1-A pistols) + 2 manual powder coating pistols (one on each side). Manual powder coating stations equipped with scissorlift.
    - speed: max 3m/min
    - surface output: max 750 m2/hour

    The control cabinet (Simatic S100) allows each pistol to be regulated in terms of powder & voltage (0-100kV - negative tension). Voltage and excess current can be monitored on a display, the current can be lowered which is usefull in case a second coating is needed.

    2 - A gasoil(can be easy changed to gas) powered oven (indirect heating)

    3 - Recuperation and filter system
    - airflow: min 16 000 m3/hour
    - 12 filter elements
    - 15kW

    4 - chain Power & Free conveyor line > Type 313
    - about 500 meter for the two powder coating lines, so first buyer has priority
    - max weight per hook: 210 kg
    - freestanding conveyor system, not anchored to roof

    5 - Automatic CO2 fire suppression system

    New price at the time was 3 million euro for two complete lines.

  • Tipo/Modello: Auto Powdercoat line nr 1
  • Numero di magazzino: Y.06 9391
  • Categoria: [Y] Macchine per trattamenti superficiali, impianto e apparecchiature di finitura, granigliatrici, sabbiatrici
  • Sottocategoria: [Y.06] Impianto per rivestimento in polvere
  • Il marchio: Gema/Noppel

Numero di magazzino: Y.06 9391


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