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Akyapak APK 101

Informazione tecniche

  • Read-outyes
  • Dia rolls315 mm
  • Dia of die mandrel100 mm
  • Rotationspeed5,4 m/min
  • Motorpower11 kW
  • Length 1500 mm
  • Depth1650 mm
  • Height2100 mm
  • Weight2240 kg

Informazioni supplementari

  • max section cm3: 45 > 80
    • Steel (St-52) construction body
    • The rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox and gears.
    • Shafts are made of special steel, hardened and grinded.
    • Guide rolls are adjustable manually in one direction.
    • Manual lubrication
    • Hydraulically moveable lower rolls up and down.
    • Digital display for lower rolls
    • Separate and moveable control panel
    • Horizontal & vertical working

    Option fitted: Hydraulic guide rolls

    • Variable speed of rotation
    • Hydraulically adjustable guide rolls in two directions
    • Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
    • NC PIayback Control System

  • Tipo/Modello: APK 101
  • Numero di magazzino: S.05 12895
  • Categoria: [S] Martelli e calandre, zigrinatrici (bordatrici) e aggraffatrici
  • Sottocategoria: [S.05] Profilatrici orizzontali e verticali, curvatrici per profilati
  • Il marchio: Akyapak

Numero di magazzino: S.05 12895

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