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Alpheus Cleanblast Dry Ice Pellet Blasting - 290

Ek bilgi

  • Strahlmaschine cold jet dry Ice pellet blasting - Décapage a la glace seche - Reinigung mit Trockeneis - Limpiezacon hielo seco - Droog ijs parel straal installatie

    Aircompressor Altas Copco GR 200
    * 20 bar - 200kW - 23 m³/min - 328 working hours

    Dryer Delair PDH 03114 (Hagoort Produktiemij)
    * 960 Nm³/h - 25 Bar - 75°C

    Cleanblast 290
    Alpheus CleanBlast integrated pelletizer/blasting system creates small, uniform pellets of dry ice and feeds them into a pressurized air delivery system for cleaning in a variety of industrial applications.
    The motor system makes pellets on demand, eliminating ice loss due to sublimation, and features an advanced exchanger system that maximizes the conversion of CO2 from a liquid to solid. The system is capable of transporting pellets in-plant via closed gaseous conveyance system, which eliminates the need for dry ice containers, and is available in several configurations for versatility in dry ice pellet production and blast cleaning power.

    * Dry Ice production: 4,5 kg/min
    * 2.75 - 20.70 bar
    * speed of the dry ice pellets can be controlled by panel
    * controllable discharge pressure
    * 10HP - 33 kW
    * dimensions: 1650 x 965 x 1380 mm
    * weight: 910 kg

    Tank Alteco GM 27976
    * 3000 Liter - Min -10°C & Max 50°C - 20.5bar

    V.R.V. Tank for CO²
    * 10530 liters - 23 bar - Temp: -60°C

  • Tip/Model: Dry Ice Pellet Blasting - 290
  • Stok numarası: Y.05 6733
  • Kategori: [Y] yüzey uygulama aletleri, fırınlar + kumlama makineleri ve iri kum püskürtme makineleri
  • Alt kategori: [Y.05] Zandstraalmachines & Gritstraalmachines
  • Marka: Alpheus Cleanblast

Stok numarası: Y.05 6733

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