Huron , EXC 20 CNC X:1600 - Y:700 - Z:800 mm

Huron, EXC 20 CNC X:1600 - Y:700 - Z:800 mm

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Technical information

Table longitudinal travel (X-axis)1600 mm
Cross travel head (Y-axis)700 mm
Height travel head (Z-axis)800 mm
Table dimensions1850 x 700 mm (360°)
Max weight on the table1200 kg
Admission in spindle (ISO)HSK 63
Power on the spindle25 kW
Control (type)Siemens 840 D
Number of axes5 axes
Number of toolholders32 positions
Number of rotations (from X to Y rpm)24000 rpm
Weight18000 kg

    Extra info

    CNC high speed milling centers with automatic cutter head
    5 axes CNC controlled
    The Huron EXC 20 CNC high speed milling centers are composed of a machinebed, a fixed table, a sled movable in X, Y in a mobile stand, a cradle for the mobile cutter head in Z and an indexable CNC milling head with integrated spindle.
    3x 380 Volt - 60 kW