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CR Electronic, Square air ducts production line

Información téchnico

  • Material thickness x width2000 x 1,5 mm
  • Length x width over all15100 x 6100 mm
  • DECOILER(s)3 units
  • Min -- max dia coil400 > 540 mm
  • Max weight admit5 ton
  • Feedingrolls (dia x W)2x
  • Flattingrolls (dia x W)7x (dia 100 mm)

Información adicional

  • The STRADA is a system for the automated production of complete rectangular air conditioning ducts.
    The system makes it possible to manufacture complete,high quality ducts quickly and efficiently since production is digitally controlled.

    The plate from the coil is flattened, ribbed, notched and cut to size. The system then forms the Pittsburgh or snap-lock overlaps. The FLAROM unit then flanges the ducts. The plate is then bent to size to shape the duct.
    Manual assembly of the flange accessories and longitudinal overlap closings complete the process.

    1 - Decoiler
    Reels for 5000 kg or 8000 kg coils.

    2 - Automatic feeder/selector
    Unit to select and start automatic machining of plate from one of the 4 available coils. This unit avoids having the operator manually insert the plate into the machine when working with different thicknesses.

    3 - Flattening Unit
    A sturdy, electronically controlled 9 roller flattening unit feeds the plate into the system.

    4 - Ribbing Unit
    With a series of rollers this unit creates ribs that increase the duct's stiffness.

    5 - Punching Unit
    This machine, consists of a hydraulic control unit and four punches (two on each side of the plate) and makes the triangular and rectangular notches needed for the next phases of edge-forming and bending.

    6 - Roll Former for Longitudinal Overlaps
    This unit consists of a 9 station roll former (with Pittsburgh rollers) mounted on a carriage that moves on a track. It makes seam pockets on the longitudinal overlaps quickly and accurately.

    7 - Double Station for Flanging on the Duct
    Two Flarom type presses, one on each side of the plate make a flanged profile directly on the duct.

    8 - Digitally Controlled Bending Unit
    This electronically controlled bending unit accurately bends the plate to size.

    9 - Digital Control Unit
    A control console, complete with monitor, designed and built by CR Electronic makes it possible to program and control all phases of the Strada System's operations. A link with a personal computer makes it possible to transmit programs directly from the engineering department.

    FLAROM Type Flange Unit
    The FLAROM flange system, patented by CR Electronic, makes the flanged profile directly on the duct.

    The system consists of two Flarom type presses, one on each side of the plate. Each press makes a flange profile using a sophisticated, microprocessor controlled hydraulic system (four controlled axes).

    The FLAROM type flange offers considerable advantages when compared with traditional flanges to mount on the duct:

    > reduction of labor needed for assembly;
    > reduction of bar and accessories (rivets, screws, etc.) inventories;
    > reduction of time needed to mount the flange (only the corners have to be mounted);
    > excellent air-tightness for the completed duct;
    > safety (the FLAROM is CE certified);

  • Tipo/Modelo: Square air ducts production line
  • Numéro stock: O.27 10500
  • Categoría principal: [O] Curvadoras, enderezadoras, punzonadoras, máquinas de oxicorte y láser y líneas de conformado
  • Subcategoría: [O.27] Devanadoras y líneas de conformado
  • Marca: CR Electronic
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