¿No ha encontrado la maquinaria que usted busca? Pregunta por ello
APT International tiene 20.000 m² de existencias en Bélgica y 3.000 máquinas disponibles inmediatamente.
¿No ha encontrado la maquinaria que usted busca? Pregunta por ello

Invest in used machinery with our finance export solutions 

As one of the biggest suppliers of used machinery in Europe, APT International hits the market with an incredible scoop; it is now possible for customers outside Belgium to buy used machinery with financing solutions! As of February 2016 APT International is collaborating with a government supported financial partner. 

The financing works with a system of bills of exchange in 6 month maturities. This opens a new set of options for growing companies. 

- Potential investments can be spread over a longer period of time thus reducing the financial load and risk on a company 
- A higher level of machinery will become available
- A larger quantity of machinery will become available
- Possibility to expand in other activities and enter new markets 

How does it work? 
- The minimum contract amount is 150 000€ all inclusive (machinery, transport costs,…)
- Minimum 2 year – max 5 year period
- 20% of the investment will have to be made by yourself, the remaining 80% will be up for financing.
- You will be asked to send our financial partner your annual balance sheets of the last 3 years which will then be reviewed.
- A financial plan will be custom made according to the country where you live (Politically sensitive countries such as Afghanistan, North Korea,… won’t be viable for financing) 

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