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Haco 100 ton CNC

Información téchnico

  • Capacity100 ton
  • Max ram adjustment750 mm
  • Drawningspeed600 mm/sec
  • Workingspeed45 mm/sec
  • Passage between uprights1600 mm
  • Max distance between table -- ram1200 mm
  • Dimensions of the table1600 x 1000 mm
  • Electric motor (power)80 kW
  • Weight30 ton

Información adicional

  • This press was previously used by a university for testing purposes, but this press can also be used in a production environment. It's ideally suited for working with composite parts.

    The press has a triple effect and features:
    - an inner slide with a stroke of 750 mm
    - an outer slide with a stroke of 750 mm
    - a deep draw cushion which can act as an upwards pressing force (stroke of 750 mm and 40 ton force) AND as an ejector (2 cylinders of 35 ton each)
    - a heating unit with infra red beams (2 times 50 kW), possibility to heat 4 different section of the table with the CNC control

    Table features ejectors with dia 40 mm
    The press features X-guideways which prevents the inner slide from getting stuck or a no smooth downward movement due to heat radiation.

    Table is manually deployable
    Press can be used both stand-alone as CNC controlled
    CNC control: Robosoft BC40
    Diameter of main cilinder: 230 mm
    Oiltank of 1800 liters

    Positionning accuracy: 0,1 mm at a speed smaller then 50 mm/sec
    Pressure measurement accuracy: 0,05%

  • Tipo/Modelo: 100 ton CNC
  • Numéro stock: M.04 10262
  • Categoría principal: [M] Prensas hidráulicas
  • Subcategoría: [M.04] Prensas con bastidor en H
  • Marca: Haco

Numéro stock: M.04 10262

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