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Panasonic + Valk welding, Semi portal welding robot

Información adicional

  • The welding robot is fixed to a jib crane which can turn 360°
    The X-travel of the column is 30 meters.
    The working range of the robot is 6000 mm (X-travel + range of the robot itself)
    ONLY 380 working hours!
    Can also be converted for cutting operations.

    Panasonic weldingrobot type AW-010AE2 equipped with weld seam search & trackingsystem
    - arc start re-try function: will automatically advance in the programmed direction and reinitiate arc start sequence. When the arc is reinitiated, the robot will go back to the original prgrammed start location to minimize downtime and quality issues.
    - automatic wire stick release: if the wire gets stuck inside the crater the robot will initiate a small arc to release the wire.
    - overlap function: when resume welding after temporary stop the robot torch will move slightly backwards at the restart of welding ensuring a smooth overlap
    - RT rotation shift: with parallel shift and RT axis rotating shift function teaching time can be drastically reduced when welding identical or similar parts
    - resume function: the exact state of the robot is memorized when incoming main power is removed from the welding/rbot system. When power supply recovers, the option is given to resume the operation exactly where power was removed or restart with a new program.
    - flying start function: here the total welding time can be drastically reduced by having the robot introducing the gas and apply voltage to the welding wire just before the point where it needs to start welding.
    - weaving function: reduce teaching time by merely indicating the starting, turning, endpoints and weaving width.

    Welding source: RF500
    - 60 > 500 amp
    Mechanical cleaningunit (rotating scraping knives) for weldingtorch
    Robotcalibration set to ensure original zeropoint at all times

  • Tipo/Modelo: Semi portal welding robot
  • Numéro stock: V.03 3497
  • Categoría principal: [V] Rodillos de apoyo, manipuladores, robots, grúas y mesas de soldadura
  • Subcategoría: [V.03] Robots de soldadura
  • Marca: Panasonic + Valk welding

Numéro stock: V.03 3497

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