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Elumatec SBZ 150 7540 mm CNC

Technische gegevens

  • Langsverplaatsing X - as7540 mm
  • Dwarsverplaatsing Y - as1000 mm
  • Hoogteverplaatsing Z - as635 mm
  • Vermogen op hoofdspil15 kW
  • Freeskop-opname spil (ISO)HSK 63
  • Max aantal snelheden24 000 rpm
  • Lengte11 350 mm
  • Breedte2633 mm
  • Hoogte3240 mm
  • Gewicht7500 kg

Extra info

  • 5-axis profile machining centre 6-side processing
    Processing in aluminium: Drilling, routing, taping, cutting and notching 
    Processing in steel: Drilling, routing, taping. 
    Automatic tool changer with 8 standard tools and 3 special tools Travelling capacity X-axis V.max: 60m/min 
    Travelling capacity Y-axis V.max: 36m/min 
    Travelling capacity Z-axis V.max: 36m/min 
    Pivoting Angels A-axis: 0° - 90° free programmable in 1/10° steps
    Pivoting Angels C-axis: 0° - 350° free programmable in 1/10° steps
    Angle router head for processing from below. 
    1 Sawmodule Ø 500 mm automatic clamping automatic movement of the clamps automatic profile measuring system

  • Type/Model: SBZ 150 7540 mm CNC
  • Stocknummer: B.04 12522
  • Kies een Categorie: [B] Freesmachines
  • Subcategorie: [B.04] Bedfreesmachines / Beweegbare kolom conventioneel & CNC
  • Merk: Elumatec
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