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Rosler deburring Ø 2000 mm

Extra info

  • Vibratory surface finishing takes place in a work bowl placed on coil springs. The vibratory energy is induced by a special vibratory motor that is mounted in the center of the work bowl. The vibration creates the typical “relative” movement of media against parts. The continuous feeding of water and compound – also known as soap – supports the finishing process.

    Bowl depth: 660 mm
    Bowl width: 430 mm
    Bowl diameter: 1580 mm

  • Type/Model: deburring Ø 2000 mm
  • Stocknummer: I.07 8347
  • Kies een Categorie: [I] Slijpmachines, Hoonmachines en Polijstmachines
  • Subcategorie: [I.07] Polijsttrommels & Vibrators
  • Merk: Rosler

StockNr: I.07 8347

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