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Hugh Smith, 1200 ton x 4110 mm

Extra info

  • Rare and unique press for heavy duty plate bending. Only a handfull of these machines were built by Hugh Smith.

    The vertical bender is widely used for fast and accurate production of cylinders. These can be formed in floor to floor times of 20 minutes or less, depending on diameter.
    The ultimate solution for prebending thick platematerial for small diameters.

    A feature of the machine is the adjustable bending centres giving the most suitable conditions for bending all size and thickensses of plate within the capacity. The machine can be used for plate straightening, flanging and cone forming and there is a saving in capital cost and floor space compared with horizontal plate bending rolls.

    Possible actions with this machine:
    - bending roll
    - plate flanging
    - press brake
    - plate straightening

    Rollbending examples with biggest roll (dia 700 mm)
    1) 4100 mm length - 50 mm thickness - 835 mm minimum inside dia
    2) 1500 mm length - 80 mm thickness - 1270 mm minimum inside dia

    Rollbending examples with smaller roll (dia 500 mm)
    1) 4100 mm length - 30 mm thickness - 535 mm minimum inside dia

    Pressbrake bending examples
    1) 4100 mm length x 45 mm thickness
    2) 2000 mm length x 90 mm thickness

    On top of the machine are two jib cranes, lifting capacity of 5 ton.
    Range: 3160 mm

    2 rolls included with the machine:
    - dia 500 mm
    - dia 700 mm

    Weight of machine: 96 ton

  • Type/Model: 1200 ton x 4110 mm
  • Stocknummer: O.09 8733
  • Kies een Categorie: [O] Plooibanken, Kantbanken, Walsmachines, Richtmachines, Lasersnij- & Brandsnijmachines, Ponsmachines & Profileerlijnen
  • Subcategorie: [O.09] Richtwalsen voor bandmateriaal
  • Merk: Hugh Smith
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