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Schafer SVRM 3200 x 140 mm

Technische gegevens

  • Aantal rollen4 rolls
  • Rolcapaciteit koud3000 x 70 mm
  • Rolcapaciteit warm3200 x 140 mm
  • Diameter bovenrol650 mm
  • Motorvermogen180 HP
  • Gewicht140 ton
  • Mogelijkheid tot aankrakenyes

Extra info

  • 4 roll bending roll >> can also be used for hot rolling & also appropriate for heavy duty conical rolling

    The 3 lower rolls can all tilt independently on both sides, this is a unique and rare feature which allows for heavy duty conical rolling. Usually for normal conical rolling only the side rolls can tilt.

    3 lower rolls are mechanically driven with driveshafts = no slip possible of workpiece
    Hydrostatic motors (can be independently controlled) connected to gearbox
    Hydraulic upper & lower movement of rolls and support bearing
    Diameter of upper- & lower roll: 650 mm
    Max distance between upper- & lower roll: 300 mm
    Diameter of side rolls: 500 mm
    Treated rolls 42CrMo4
    Smallest diameter of workpiece at 60 mm thickness (cold) = 720 mm
    Working speed: 1 > 8 m/min
    600 ton clamping force
    350 ton rolling force

  • Type/Model: SVRM 3200 x 140 mm
  • Stocknummer: O.06 12489
  • Kies een Categorie: [O] Plooibanken, Kantbanken, Walsmachines, Richtmachines, Lasersnij- & Brandsnijmachines, Ponsmachines & Profileerlijnen
  • Subcategorie: [O.06] Rollenwalsmachines & Platenwalsmachines
  • Merk: Schafer
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