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Schenck, Fatigue test rig

Extra info

  • Two test rigs connected to one control unit.

    Linear actuator Hydropuls PL 25 N
    - static force: +- 25 kN
    - dynamic force: +- 20 kN
    - stroke: 250 mm
    - very high resistance to lateral forces
    2 stage servo valves for a pressure drop of 70 bar
    Hydraulic unit 280 bar (80 l/min)
    Hydropuls Serie 56 control unit
    2 T-slot tables (each 3000 x 2000 x 400 mm)

    Previously used to test tow bars.

  • Type/Model: Fatigue test rig
  • Stocknummer: W.12 10733
  • Kies een Categorie: [W] Meetmachines en Beproevingsmachines, Balanceermachines
  • Subcategorie: [W.12] Trekmachines – Drukmachines – Beproevingsmachines
  • Merk: Schenck
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