Messer Griesheim , Omnimat L 6000 CNC plasma 3D bevelling

Messer Griesheim, Omnimat L 6000 CNC plasma 3D bevelling

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Construction Year: 2011

Technical information

Longitudinal travel X-axis30000 mm
Cross travel Y-axis5100 mm
Cutting capacity60 mm Plasma
Table dimensions(2 x) 14200 x 4800 mm
PlasmasourceHypertherm HT 4500 Plus
Gas cutter1 plasma Skew Rotator
Typeportal 6000 mm
Read-out / ControlOmnicon CNC
Length30 000 mm
Depth7290 mm
Hight3225 mm

    Extra info

    5 axis bevelling plasma for cutting V- and X-seams
    automatic levelling system
    Plasma marking ArcWriter
    Plasma plant HT 4500 Plus (HT 4001)

    The fine radiation plasma technology is outstandingly suitable for smaller angles of intersection. Efficient, with a high cutting velocity and a clean cutting edge, it is a genuine alternative to laser technology. Contrary to torch cutting, fine plasma cutting incorporates an additional current when the material is being cut. This machine has been updated to cut under water and has the appropriate tables.

    Software: OmniWim 2011 Classic Professional

    cuttingcontainer °1: 3500 x 27 000 mm for cutting platematerial
    cuttingcontainer °2: 1500 x 27 000 mm for cutting profiles

    The 5 axis plasma head makes it possible to achieve pinpoint cutting of +/-50°-bevelling. Exact linear guidance provides for fast and precise cutting. 

    Skew Rotator: 
    > the most successful plasma bevel cutting head ever
    > Compound Skew axis system for high flexibility and productivity
    > No cumbersome arc segments to risk collision or inhibit the cut
    > Unlimited C axis rotation
    > Full contineous CNC bevelling head!

    Z movement: 350 mm