Press brakes, Bending machines, Straightening machines, Punching machines,  Laser cutting machines & Flamecutting machines and Roll forminglines

O.01 Hydraulic press brakes

O.04 Hydraulic & Mechanical folding presses

O.06 Bending rolls

O.09 Coiler straightening machines

O.12 Laser cutting machines

O.16 Gas cuttingmachines (gas + plasma)

O.19 Stamping & punching press thin metalsheet

O.21 Sheet centers for punching & Lasercutting or plasma cutting

    O.21b CNC center for platepunching, drilling, plasmacutting and marking

    O.27 Decoiling + / or Roll forminglines

    O.27a Pipebending & weldinginstallation

      O.27k Roof/Wall Panel roll forming machine

        O.99 Spare Parts for Bendingmachines, Straightening machines, Punching machines, Lasercutting machines & Flamecutting machines and Roll forminglines