Complete plants-factories / Vehicles (transport), Overhead Travelling Crane, Jigs / Compressors & generators / Hot air blowers

Z.01 Industrial sites / Plants

    Z.03 Vehicles (lift trucks - loading - cleaning etc)

    Z.04 Conveyors, Overhead Travelling Crane, Jig Cranes

    Z.05e Atomated storage and retrieval system

      Z.07 Driven assemblies / Compressors

      Z.09 Hot air distrubutors

        Z.10 Various

        Z.10c Pipecuttingmachine

          Z.10e Line for composite panels

            Z.10f Line for textile

              Z.10i Plant for concrete & argexblocs

                Z.10j Continuous line for woodchipboards

                  Z.99 Spare parts, others

                    Z10l Production line for bending, cutting, milling & welding of tubes + profiles