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APT International has 30,000 m² of stock in Belgium and 3,000 machines immediately available.
Haven't found the machinery you where looking for? Contact us


Knowledge & expertise

 APT INTERNATIONAL also works as an expert, i.e. we carry out negotiations with the experts assigned by the insurance company, on behalf of the customer and along with the customer. In practice, the result of a claims settlement is not determined by the terms of the contract only, but even the competence of the parties settling the claims is very important.

Knowledge about the insurance conditions and experience when implementing the conditions in case of concrete damage are decisive for a quick and suitable claims settlement.

Within APT INTERNATIONAL, a competent and experienced team of experts settle claims to buildings, technical installations, machines and other company inventories, resources and stocks on a daily basis.

Our experienced experts advise the insured person regarding different scenarios and their practical, actuarial and financial consequences as regards the adjustment of claims. We agree upon the scope and the contracting and execution of repair work, cleaning work, demolition and clearing work with the experts of the insurance companies and in close collaboration with the insured person.

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