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Tool grinding machines

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Tool grinding machines

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Second-hand Tool Grinding Machines

Regrinding lathe tools, drills and milling heads is essential in delivering high standards. When the lathe tools, milling heads and drills wear down, the machine can deliver unreliable or substandard work.  The tools need to be maintained for the machine to function at its best.

Tool grinding machines keep the tool sharp and bring it back into shape. Tool grinding machines can also be used for tool production. To be able to machine any complex tool geometry, a conventional or CNC tool grinding machine usually has 5 axis.


What is a Tool Grinder?

Tool Grinders are machines that sharpen, fix and produce tool parts, along with various other cutting tools such as milling cutters.  They can provide a range of different grinding functions.

When working, tools and cutters need to be extremely sharp and of the best standards, to prevent them from delivering below par products. Tools are exposed to extreme force, friction and stress in their use and their job is to deliver precision outcomes, so they must be maintained and prevented from wearing down by using a tool grinding machine.

Modern and up to date machines for metal and woodwork have lubricant cooling dispensers attached, but this alone cannot prevent the tools from wear and tear.  For this reason, the tool grinding machine is a key piece of equipment within production sites big and small in ensuring high quality delivery as well as decreasing the need for repairs. 

How does a Tool Grinding Machine work?

The grinding function can be manual or automatic, although they must be observed when in use.  The user needs to be well versed in the tool grinding machine and understand how the metal workpiece and the grinding wheel work together.  The grinding machine is not normally mounted onto the table.

CNC tool grinding machines are normally the ones used in big companies, due to the fact a central computer manages the grinding and cutting processes. The amendments generally require miniscule measurements and accurate movement, so there is extensive room for error. The opportunity for human error is decreased with these machines, as the process is managed in full by the CNC Grinder tool

Although these new machines can be more costly, businesses can reduce the cost by buying used tool and cutter grinders.   There may be upkeep, servicing and maintenance costs, but they are solid pieces of machinery that have a long shelf life.

What do I need to know to operate a Tool Grinding Machine safely?

●You must always wear goggles to protect your eyes
●Always inspect grinding wheels for cracks before mounting.
●Grinding wheels must be kept within the recommended speed limit.
●Do not move the workpiece or work mounting devices when in use.
●You can never adjust the work whilst operating the machine: turn the machine off, first
●Never cut below the recommended depth of the machine or the wheel.

What are the best-known brands ?

Some of the brands you can buy from us: Anor, Gockel, ZM, reform, Amada, VAM, Camurri, Ngar Abi, Trumpf, Breda, Loroch, Ohler, Wagner, ...


Completely refurbished and tested Second-hand Tool Grinding Machines

We return all machines to as good as new condition, as well as upgrading and adjusting the lathe to your particular requirements. All our lathes are fully approved and in top working order.


Why buy Second-hand Tool Grinding Machines from us?

We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including grinders and lathes amongst many others.

We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process. Our staff are also experts in their field and can offer support and guidance throughout.

Please contact us with any questions you have, we are always happy to share our expertise!

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