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APT International has 30,000 m² of stock in Belgium and 3,000 machines immediately available.
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How do machining centres work?

Combining some of the features of other machine tools in the shop, a machining center can perform several types of operations at the same time on different surfaces of a workpiece. Its production flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy are the results of its evolution from single-purpose machines, such as lathes and milling machines. A machining centre holds the workpiece stationary on either a horizontal or vertical spindle while the tools rotate around it.

Machining centres are computer numerical controlled (CNC) multi-operational machines. Because they can do milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping, they are ideal for producing three-dimensional workpieces with complex shapes. To accomplish all this, they are equipped with multiple tools and automatic tool-changing devices, allowing them to operate automatically, which significantly boosts productivity. On average, one machining centre can replace three to five CNC machines or five to ten universal machines.

A large stock of cutting tools for metalworking is key to this device’s productivity. Basic machining centres have storage for fifteen to thirty tools, and they can accommodate even more, up to 100 or so. The tools reside in star- or drum-shaped storage compartments, which are either parallel or perpendicular to the storage axis. CNC machining centres offer single or double automatic tool changers (ATCs), which can take tools out of the magazine and the main spindle at the same time.

For what sorts of applications are machining centres used?

Multifunctional machine centres are used for a broad range of manufacturing purposes. They can produce rough, semi-finished, and finished workpieces with numerous surfaces. They are also well suited for actions such as milling of surfaces, ridges, grooves, windows and wells; drilling, galvanizing and reaming of various holes; special reaming of holes with tools that are fine-tuned for dimensioning, and more—quite a feat for a single machine!

What types of machining centres are out there?

While most machining centres have a three-dimensional system for moving tools in relation to the workpiece, machining complex shapes often requires controlling the cutting tool or workpiece on even more coordinates (or axes). Four-, five- and six-axis machining centres are available for these more sophisticated applications. Bear in mind, many three-axis machines can be produced in four- or five-axis versions on request. The standard ISO coordinate system is used for all types of CNC machines.

Who are some of the best-known manufacturers?

If you want to buy a second-hand machining centre, you should look for one of the leading names in the business. APT International offers second-hand machining centres from the following reputable brands: AXA, BECK, CHIRON, DECKEL, HERMLE, HECKERT, MAZAK, OKUMA, HACO, ROTOX, TOS-MAS, MAHO, and more.

Should you consider buying a refurbished, second-hand machining centre?

At APT International, all our machines are completely overhauled. They are restored to their original condition, and if you wish, we can be repair or upgrade a machining centre according to your specific requests. This means you will buy nothing but fully tested, approved, and up-to-date machining centres from us.

Why buy your machining centre from APT International?

For more than 30 years, we have specialised in the purchase and sale of second-hand industrial production machinery, including a variety of machining centres. Our technicians have unparalleled expertise. Let us work with you to find the machine that will best suit your needs, and if you would like us to make some adaptations to it before delivery, we are happy to do so. 

We have 30.000 square metres of machinery in stock at our facility in Belgium; we take care of the dismantling, transport, and installation of the machinery worldwide. Want more information? Contact us

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