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Missler Ø 410 mm

Technical information

  • Depth of throat410 mm
  • Max height of workpiece410 mm
  • Sawspeed10 > 200 m/min
  • Length of band saw41 x 1,1 x 5940 mm
  • Power needed8,7 kW
  • Length 2800 mm
  • Depth 2100 mm
  • Height2150 mm
  • Weight4 ton

Additional info

  • Features:
    - Torque control: measures the torque required by the cutting action. If the loading is excessive, it instantly interacts with the hydraulic circuitry to reduce the feed rate to the optimum cutting conditions relative to the material cross-section and the condition of the saw blade.
    - System 9000: this enables the operator to select the cutting speed (feed movement) according to the kind of material to be cut. Simultaneously, the feed rate (getting into the material) adjusts itself automatically in order to generate the optimal chip thickness. Still, for specific application, the operator has the possibility to adapt the production rate, increasing or decreasing it.
    - The efficiency of the devices fitted on the machines, series deb, enables the use of blade possibilities to the maximum without ever exceeding them, entailing long-lasting productivity and precision.

    Compucut V2 PLC control
    Bundle clamping
    Parts counter
    Multi feeding

  • Type/Model: Ø 410 mm
  • Stocknumber: L.03 9531
  • Main category: [L] Sawing machines, Filing machines & Cutting-off machines
  • Sub category: [L.03] Band sawing machines
  • Brand: Missler

Stocknumber: L.03 9531

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