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MicroStep DS automatic process line

Additional info

  • The automated plate processing line DS was designed for high-efficiency drilling and plasma cutting with the possibilities of automatic plate feeding and automatic part sorting on output. The machine is dedicated to heavy-duty structural steel applications such as production of high-precision fittings, gussets and end plates.

    Type: DS 6001.20P

    Plasma cutting:
    - 3D plasma bevelhead for cutting vertically and at an angle up to +-50° (auto calibration)
    - Hypertherm XPR 300 (piercing 45 mm / 6 mm straight cuts at 170 amp up to 200 mm/min)
    - max sheet size: 6000 x 2000 mm
    - material thickness: 3 > 30 mm
    - plasma marking
    - laser light

    - MG-40 P26 drilling device ISO 40
    - drilling range: dia 4 > 40 mm
    - thread cutting: M4 > M33
    - max thickness: 100 mm
    - stroke: 400 mm
    - 26 kW on spindle
    - max 1829 rpm
    - automatic toolchanger; 8 toolpositions
    - external & internal tool cooling

    CNC control:
    iMSNC system for Windows® 10TM' 64-bit PRO with integrated network card and USB port

    With a vacuum suction system sheets can be loaded onto the cutting table

    Total weight: 30 ton
    Required space: 16 500 x 7100 mm

  • Type/Model: DS automatic process line
  • Stocknumber: O.16 14112
  • Main category: [O] Press brakes, Bending machines, Straightening machines, Punching machines,  Laser cutting machines & Flamecutting machines and Roll forminglines
  • Sub category: [O.16] Gas cuttingmachines (gas + plasma)
  • Brand: MicroStep

Stocknumber: O.16 14112

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