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Schafer SVRM 4050 x 40/50/60 mm

Technical information

  • Number of rolls4 rolls
  • Roll capacity cold4050 x 40/50/60 mm
  • Roll dia upside560 mm
  • Driven rolls4 rolls hydr driven
  • Power needed110 kW
  • Weight72 ton
  • Pre-bending yes

Additional info

  • Type: SVRM 4R - Linear
    4 rolls individually hydraulicaly driven = no slip, specifically for conical rolling
    4 hardened rolls
    6 digital readouts
    conical bending, smallest diameter of cone is 1100 mm
    with the toproll you can process both thin and thick plates (hydraulic crowning of top roll)
    max speed: 7,5 m/min (variable hydraulic speed)

    High accuracy machine because it uses linear guides for the side rolls, which means that the side rolls cannot deflect in any way! (new machines are no longer manufactured with linear guides due to high costs, instead planetary guides are used which are inferior)

    Machine is equipped with backload feature > a tilting cylinder which is connected to the top roll; this allows the operator to apply upwards or downwards backload to the toproll to counter act deflection of the top roll = crowning of the top roll > incredibly rare feature!

    Machine is equipped with a shock absorber system which is useful to calibrate a rolled workpiece after welding. With this shock absorber system the machine is able to handle the seam resulting after welding. When rolling the part and the seam passes between the top and bottom roll the shock is not transferred to the bearings and the machine is not overloaded.

    Another unique feature about this bending roll is it's increased capacity for pre-bending, here you need to multiply the platethickness by 1,8. For example a plate with a thickness of 40 mm x 1,8 = 72 mm. Standard you would have to multiply by 3, for a plate of 40 mm this would equal to 120 mm.

    During the rolling process all other hydraulic movements can be executed at the same time.
    2 hydraulic plate support systems (left and right) for rolling large diameter workpieces
    hydraulic vertical topsupport to support sheet during rolling, max diameter of workpiece with this support is 6300 mm

  • Type/Model: SVRM 4050 x 40/50/60 mm
  • Stocknumber: O.06 14113
  • Main category: [O] Press brakes, Bending machines, Straightening machines, Punching machines,  Laser cutting machines & Flamecutting machines and Roll forminglines
  • Sub category: [O.06] Bending rolls
  • Brand: Schafer

Stocknumber: O.06 14113

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