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Bending rolls

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Bending rolls

How does a Bending roll machine work?

A metal plate is inserted between rollers which in turn can change the plates into profiles, flatter plates or foils. Rolling can be done in hot and cold states, cold rolling means that the finished texture will be far simpler to achieve the desired outcome whereas hot rolling uses far less energy than cold rolling.

Bending roll machines are usually coupled with quarto-rolling stands. These usually possess a roller group of two stretching rollers which is where the plate is placed and rolled in between.

There are two different kinds of rollers:

Cylindrical rollers:

Cylindrical rollers are used if you want to produce plates or foils. These can produce products such as aluminum foil for an example.

Rollers with profiled rollers:

Rollers with profiled rollers can produce workpieces such as:

  • Bowls
  • T or I profiles
  • Diamond plate
  • Thick- walled pipe

Plates can have round shapes with plater rollers. Many sizes and types are available with various numbers of rollers. Manual or mechanical operations are possible. There are also rollers which can be used to straighten out curved plates. Beading rolls, wire rolls and various other types are available.

What are the well-known manufacturers and brands of Bending Roll Machines?

These include machines from ARLO, DAVI, EICHENER, GEUMA, HAEUSLER, LISSE, PICOT, PULLMAX and SAHINLER to name a few.

Completely overhauled / refurbished second-hand bending rolling machines

At APT, the second-hand machines are fully refined: we fully inspect the machines, carry out repairs and ensure that the machine is completely up-to-date again. This means that you only buy approved, fully reconditioned and up-to-date machines from us.

Why buy from us?

We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including bending roll machines, grinders and lathes amongst many others. We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process. Our staff are also experts in their field and can offer support and guidance throughout.

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