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Lathe attachment for reworking crankshafts

Additional info

  • Special attachment for lathes > for reworking crankshafts

    - this attachment can be fixed on top of the cross-slide
    - via a pneumatic cylinder the top part of the attachment can tilt op to allow the crankshaft to be installed in the chuck
    - once the crankshaft has been installed in the chuck of the lathe the top part can be closed and positioned around the area that needs to be reworked
    - once activated the tool insert of the attachment will start turning around the crankshaft to remove excess material. The chuck does not have to turn the crankshaft!

    The advantage of this concept is that the tool moves around the crankshaft - by doing this the least amount of stress is put on the crankshaft. This in contrast to the classic setup where the stationary tool is pressed into a workpiece being turned by the chuck of the lathe.

    Max dia of crankshaft: 330 mm

  • Type/Model: for reworking crankshafts
  • Stocknumber: A.01 12876
  • Main category: [A] Lathes
  • Sub category: [A.01] Centre lathes
  • Brand: Lathe attachment

Stocknumber: A.01 12876

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