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Centre lathes

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Centre lathes

Used centre lathes

What is a centre lathe?

If you want to create cylindrical shapes from different materials like various metals or heavy duty plastics then a centre lathe is the tool for the job.
Centre lathes are used heavily in the production of parts of the combustion engine. Early centre lathes were user operated and manual machines.

Today, CNC centre lathes exist and are used a lot in mass production factories to increase efficiency, accuracy and the reductions of costs across the board.
Being computer controlled, automated centre lathes are programmed to complete distinct jobs:

●Centre lathes are usually used for maintenance work
●They are the rudimentary and simple form of lathe available
●Parts of the lathe include the tool slide, workpiece mount, feed, steady rest and headstock.

What do you use a centre lathe for?

CNC centre lathes are used expansively in the production of parts for engines. Equally, numerous industries and businesses have centre lathes on hand to complete maintenance work. If a part needs to be changed out then a centre lathe can precisely and very rapidly produce these.

This means repairs and maintenance can be done quickly and if there is a production process, it will not have to stop completely while a part is manufactured. Today the centre lathe is not the ideal machine for large-scale production. However,  lots of smaller companies use these lathes for various tasks.

Used centre lathes are a good option for the smaller business as they are less expensive than brand new machines. These second-hand lathes can be as useful and dependable as new centre lathes, although these can be bought at considerable reduced price point.

How do I work on a centre lathe safely?

A trained and qualified person must operate the centre lathe as these do not have automatic loading systems. The operator or prospective operator must get extensive training in operation and safety regulations and also by reading the operating instructions.

PPE must be worn whilst operating the centre lathe. Lathes work by producing extremely fast rotational speed which also creates very high temperatures. Protective clothing is a must so as not to become entangled or trapped in the machine. Safety glasses are also a must as small pieces might fly off of workpiece. Keep jewelry away from the machine, long hair tied back and clothing must be tight to the body.

CNC centre lathes also need CAD experience and understand computers as they must program the lathe to produce the product.

Best-known brands

Good manufacturers of centre lathes are: Weisser Heilbronn, Mondial, Colchester Mastiff, Victoria, Potisje, Cazeneuve, Delmac Sk, PBR,  Schaerer, Tos, Saro, Gisholt SL, Merli Clovis...

Refurbished and tested centre lathes

We completely refurbish and test our used centre lathes to ensure the best quality possible.
Lathes are carefully restored to the “as new” state. We are also available to refurbish machines to your specialized demands.

Why choose a second-hand lathes from our company?

We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including grinders and lathes amongst many others.

We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process. Our staff are also experts in their field andcan offer support and guidance throughout.

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