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Second-hand Grinding Machines

What is a Grinding Machine, and how does it work?

Grinding machines produce flat, cylindrical, and other surfaces through high-speed rotating abrasive wheels. Grinding gives a more accurate finish to a part already machined but is also a machining process. These are machines for shaping, sharpening or smoothing. Grinding machines have a long history, from machines that had to be operated manually to the high-tech machines used today such as conventional or CNC grinding machines.

These machines are used in a broad range of industries.

Generally, grinding wheels and grinding belts reach higher levels of accuracy than machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges. For this reason, tool grinding machines, circular grinders, surface grinders, bench grinders, etc., are essential for many production stages for industry and crafts.

What do I need to know to operate a Grinding Machine safely?

It is essential follow the safety guidance when using grinding machines to avoid injury.

Always wear goggles when the machine is in operation.

  • Do not cut below the recommended depth of the machine or wheel.
  • Always remove the workpiece from the grinding wheel before switching the machine off.
  • Ensure that machine guards are in good working condition and in the right place.
  • You should always inspect grinding wheels for cracks before mounting.
  • Do not use grinding wheels beyond the recommended limit.
  • Do not make adjustments to the workpiece or mounting device when in use.
  • Ensure the correct wheel guard is used for each operation.
  • Ensure the tool rest is held at the set limit from the wheel.

Types of Grinding Machines

Industrial Grinders and CNC grinders come in a wide range of varieties.  They are used for various metalwork processes. Following are some examples of the most commonly used grinding machines.

Centerless Grinding Machines

Centerless grinding uses abrasive cutting as part of the machine process, this takes material off the workpiece.  Centerless grinding is different from centered grinding because it doesn’t use a fixture of spindle when finding the workpiece. 

The workpiece is held between two rotary grinding wheels.  Material is taken off the workpiece at a pace related to how quickly they rotate.

Cylindrical Grinders

With Cylindrical Grinders, the surfaces are machined in a circular motion and rotate around a fixed axis. It results in the surface being tapered, contoured or straight.

Bore Grinding Machines

Bore Grinding Machines are used to create holes in various materials such as stone, wood and metal.  These particular machines are generally manufactured for individual users and are offered by lower end companies.

Manufacturers such as Farman and Schanbacher are examples for industrial use.

Surface Grinders (with a horizontal or vertical spindle)

When you need a precisely flat surface, then the Surface Grinder is what you need. The grinding disc moves consistently to flatten the workpiece. The mould construction and tool building industries are key users of these products due to their ability to deliver precise pieces.

Manufacturers such as Blohm and Jung produce Surface Grinders.

Guideway Grinding Machines

Guideway Grinding Machines are used where extremely large cutting machines are manufactured for grinding guideways. They need to be accurate and the modern machines can produce extremely high tolerances and levels of accuracy.

The machines use stones for grinding, which result in force that delivers consistency in the outcomes.
Manufacturers such as SHW and Kraft produce Guideway Grinding Machines.

Double-Disc Grinding Machines

Double-Disc machines are really effective grinders.  With these grinders, the workpiece can be ground on both sides concurrently.

Manufacturers such as Koyo and Disjus produce Double-Disc Grinding Machines.

Bench Grinders (one- and two-sided)

Traditional grinders like the Bench Grinder, is a standard piece of kit found in most workplaces. It’s used include deburring, planning, sharpening and grinding, and this is carried out by hand. Each has a motor, and one or two discs can be affixed.

Manufacturers such as Makita and Rema produce Bench Grinders.

Stylus Grinding Machines

When grinding marking tools, stylus machines are what you need. Stylus grinding machines also have the main function of sharpening milling heads.

Manufacturers such as Parpas and Deckel produce Stylus Grinding Machines.

Crock Grinding Machines

For grinding pots (known as ‘crocks’ in the USA) you need a crock grinding machine.  The pivoting arm is used to secure the drive and guiding mechanism and they are commonly used for grinding and altering the measurements on workpieces that are small in size, and hand operated.  The pot name is based on the tool making a ‘pot-shaped’ movement.

Manufacturers such as Delta and Edel produce Crock Grinding Machines.

Roll Grinding Machines

For precision grinding of press rollers then a roll grinding machine can achive the exact measurements needed. The machines produce the exact tolerance using freshly turned, new and used rollers. They are the only machine that can produce precision rollers.
Manufacturers such as Herkules and Zimmerman produce Roll Grinding Machines.

What do I need to know when buying a Used Grinding Machine?

There are so many variations of grinders that understanding what uses you need it to perform is the key to narrowing down your decision. Each offers a different range of grinding options and decisions should be based initially around that.

What are the best-known brands?

Tacota, Stanko, CC, Delmac, Clichy, SIT U700, Buderus, Cincinatti, Amada, Somex, Camurri, VAM, Gockel,...

We return all machines to as good as new condition, as well as upgrading and adjusting the lathe to your particular requirements. All our lathes are fully approved and in top working order.


Why buy second-hand Grinding Machines from us?

We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including grinders, second hand milling machines and lathes amongst many others.

We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process. Our staff are also experts in their field and can offer support and guidance throughout.

Please contact us with anyquestions you have, we are always happy to share our expertise!

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