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Hydraulic presses


How does a hydraulic press work?

Hydraulic presses work on the principle of Pascal's law, which states that the pressure exerted on a fluid in a closed system always remains constant and propagates in all directions. Hydraulic presses employ two connected cylinders, both containing a fluid—typically a mineral-based oil or water. Pressure is exerted on the smaller cylinder, the plunger, which in turn compresses the fluid below. The distribution of this pressure raises the larger cylinder, the ram. The pressure between the two cylinders serves to crush the material between them.

Compared to mechanical and pneumatic presses, hydraulic presses tend to be slower but vastly more powerful, some reaching the size of buildings. Most modern hydraulic presses generate the required pressure using electronic motors in combination with powerful pumps.

What types of hydraulic presses exist?

Hydraulic presses are versatile tools, with configurations to suit many applications. You might consider a single-, double-, or four-pillar vertical press, or a horizontal press if that best meets your needs.

Some presses are used for lighter work such as drilling holes and marking inscriptions; others work at higher production speeds and are used for drawing, punching, and assembly.

For which applications?

Hydraulic presses can be used for forging, cutting, punching, forming, and riveting metal. These machines are used for, among other things, manufacturing stainless steel sheets, pressing fuel tanks, pressing and forming containers, bending and straightening pipes, and pressing shafts.

Hydraulic presses are most commonly used in the metalworking industry, but they are also essential for highly specific tasks such as forming medical tablets, cosmetic powders, and certain glass products. Manual or automatic?

Hydraulic presses can operate in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode. A press is connected to electricity or a compressor that supplies compressed air for the automatic function.

Well-known brands and manufacturers?

If you want to buy a reliable second-hand hydraulic press, choose one of the best leading brands from the top manufacturers. APT International offers hydraulic presses from EXNER, MADOM, DUNKES, SAFANDARLEY, BYSTRONIC, EUROMAC, FAGOR, SCHULER, MÜLLER WEINGARTEN, PRIMA POWER, AGME, HIDROGARNE, DIMECO, KNUTH, and more.

Why buy a second-hand hydraulic press at APT International?

At APT International, we completely overhaul every second-hand hydraulic press in our inventory. The machines are returned to their original condition, and we are happy to adapt or upgrade a press according to your specific requests. You will buy only approved and up-to-date hydraulic presses from us.

APT International specializes in the purchase and sale of second-hand industrial machinery. We take care of the dismantling, transport, and installation of the equipment worldwide. We have 30.000 m² of machinery in stock such as second-hand lathes, used milling machines, used drilling machines, ...

We are a well-established dealer in the market of used machine tools, and our technicians have unparalleled expertise. We are pleased to have served customers worldwide for over thirty years. Contact us for more information.

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