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Sawing machines, Filing machines & Cutting-off machines

What do you use a Metal Sawing Machine for?

Sawing machines and large saws are mostly used in the industrial sector, smaller saws are used in nearly all workshops for metalwork. Usually used for profile cuts and bar cutting, metal saw blades e.g. band saws, hacksaws and cicular saws posses more teeth on the blade than woodworking saws. These blades are produced out of resistant materials with some blades having a diamond coating for extra hardening and sharpness.

What are the different types of Metal Saws?


These extremely useful saws are very efficient. They produce not too much waste and their productivity level is high which makes them very popular in all workshop settings. There are NC and CNC Bandsaws available now as well as the more conventional type.

Bandsaws work by using an O-shaped saw belt that travels between two wheels in a continuous motion. This means that the machine can only be used from one side. Vertical and horizontal bandsaws are also available but usually used in industrial applications.

Circular saws

Circular saws cut with a circular blade with teeth around the edge of the sawblade. A continuous cutting motion means that these types of saws are only able to make straight cuts.


The Hacksaw is a traditonal saw that has been used for a very long time. Usually these saws have blades that are clipped or clamped into the ends of a U shaped structure. The cut is intermittant as there is an idle and a working stroke. The design of the blade means that the saw will lift slightly on the return stroke.

Double mitre saws

Double mitre saws lie in both the cross-cut and circular saw groups. As mitre cuts are usually done in duplicates, using wo saw head this type of saw cuts both mitres at the same time on your selected workpiece.

Seperating machines

Seperating machines are not saw as they have a rotating seperating disc powered by a large motor but they are used in the metalworking sector with the same principal as a saw. They have a very broad range of applications.
Mostly used in an industrial setting, Seperating machines come in a multitude of designs for different applications. They are usually used to cut metal profiles, on masse, to an accurate dimension. Speed, durability and accuracy are what you want out of a seperating machine

What are the leading manufactures of Sawing Machines?

Manufactures of Saw Machines include: Bomar, Amada, Danobat, Doall, Behringer, Ercole, Jaespa, Eisele, Forte, Meba.

Completely refurbished and tested second-hand Sawing Machines

We completely refurbish and test our used sawing machines to ensure the best quality possible. Sawing machines are carefully restored to the “as new” state. We are also available to refurbish machines to your specialised demands.

Why buy second-hand Sawing Machines from us?

We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including sawing machines, grinders and lathes amongst many others. We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process. Our staff are also experts in their field and can offer support and guidance throughout. Contact us now with your request.

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