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Hydraulic press brakes

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Hydraulic press brakes

What is a Hydraulic Press Brake and what do they do?

Hydraulic press brakes are machines which fold or bend metal. They do this by pressing the metal into a die. Press breaks are created for use in specialized sheet metal workpieces and for use within continuous production applications.

They are used in industrial production and can be used in both automated cell components and also single-cycle operations. Press brake tooling can be used in cold-forming metal sheets or strips into different, select parts

The press brake machines have large bending capacity. Hydraulic press brakes are used so that you do not mark pre-coated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Different types of Hydraulic Press Brakes have differing characteristics and advantages in an industrial setting. Mainly used in correlation with Hydraulic Bending Presses, angle cutting machines, sheet shearing and sheet cutting machines.

Hydraulic Folding Machines and Hydraulic Press Brakes

When metal plate is required to be a different shape, air bending is a process which is most common when want to achieve a specific shape. Both Folding machines and press brakes can be used in heavy typesetting (40mm) right the way down to light typesetting (2mm).

The metal plate is not pressed all the way into the groove of the machine. The plate can be angled or bent in which case, a press brake is more applicable. Press brakes contain an upper and lower die. The material which is to be worked on needs to be put between the lower and upper mold. The upper mold then presses the plater against the lower mold, which in turn means the plate is formed into a new shape.

Hydraulic press brakes are run via two synchronized hydraulic cylinders which cause the upper beam of the machine to move. Pneumatic press break, servo-electric and mechanical brakes are also machines which can be used to achieve the same results. In the past, mechanical press brakes were used exclusively, however newer, and improved hydraulic systems with computer systems have been invented which makes the hydraulic press brake currently the most used type of machine for this type of work.

If you need a machine that needs a lower baling pressure, then pneumatic or servo-electric press brakes are what is required in this instance. Folding Machines are required if you want to bend metal sheet to a specific angle. Hydraulic bending machines can be required when bending big widths or thick plates. A punch and die are put between the press bar and the table. These machines are able to have a pressing force of 3000 tons on a large machine. Up-to-date machines have CNC capabilities which stands for Computer Numerical Control. This means that a computer controls the bending task with laser measurements. They are highly accurate.

Three options are used to great the bend angle:

  • Air folds: The punch is controlled via its position in the machine.
  • Adaptive Bending: The angle of the bend is controlled.
  • Die Folding: The folding force is the part which is under control.

Second-hand Hydraulic side benches and folding machines

How do they and what is the difference between a folding machine and a press break?

Bending machines and press brakes are used a lot in the metalworking industry. Press brakes are usually used for heavier work whilst lighter metal work uses bending machines more often than not.

What is a Bending Machine?

Bending machines are used for bending material to be used in your workpieces. These can be bent to specific angles, dependent on which angle you are needing. Should you want to bend thin plate or the width you want to bend is small, you can use manual press brakes. The material is placed between the top and bottom beam and clamped in place. This means that the plate is supported across its whole length.

What is a Press Brake?

Smaller metal plates can be bent with a press brake. These have an upper and a lower mold. The lower mold stays in position on the horizontal. Then the upper mold is hydraulically lowered and the plate is moved into the desired shape. In a press brake the metal is not clamped. The press break creates shapes with a bending punch.

Which products can be produced with a folding machine or press brake?

There are many different types of bending machines and press brakes. These different types and styles can create many different products, companies are able to create metal doors, furniture etc. Metal housings are also able to be made using folding benches, some for medical use.

What are the types of Press Breaks?

There a many, many different variations of press breaks, a lot of the variations are in the tonnage. Heavy press breaks can be more than 500 tons whereas lighter ones can go up to 100 tons. There are different ways to operate these presses too, manual operation, hydraulically operated benches, finger press benches and electrically operated. The differences are where the generation of pressing power comes from. The more modern benches use laser measurements and CNC machines to complete the task.

What are the well-known manufactures and brands of Hydraulic Press Breaks?

These include machines from: AMADA, BEYELER, DURMA, HACO, LVD and SAFAN to name a few..

Completely overhauled / refurbished second-hand ydraulic Press Breaks

At APT International, the second-hand hydraulic press brakes are fully refined: we fully inspect the machines, carry out repairs and ensure that the machine is completely up-to-date again. This means that you only buy approved, fully reconditioned and up-to-date machines from us.

Why buy from us?

  • We have extensive industry experience in this area and are specialists in the procurement and sales of used industrial machinery including hydraulic press brakes, grinders and lathes amongst many others.
  • We have a large amount of stock and take care of everything from dismantling to the transport and installation at your place of choice in one easy process.
  • Our staff are also experts in their field and can offer support and guidance throughout.

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